Waterfront Lifestyle Group’s Complete Homebuying Guide for Fort Myers

Waterfront Lifestyle Group’s Complete Homebuying Guide for Fort Myers

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There are many reasons Fort Myers is ranked as the 6th fastest-growing city in the nation. Not only does it offer picturesque views and top-notch beaches but affordable living in a relaxed atmosphere, incredible fishing spots, beautiful weather all year round, and an endless list of outdoor water activities to enjoy.

It is no wonder so many families and retirees choose this location for their forever home.

Many people feel confident that they want to buy in Fort Myers, but they don’t know where to begin. In the Waterfront Lifestyle Group’s home-buying guide, you will learn which steps you need to take to close the deal on your dream house.

Step 1: Get pre-approved

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With how quickly the city is growing and how competitive the Fort Myers real estate market can be, buyers need something to help them stand out. If you are already pre-approved, you will show sellers you are not only qualified financially but also serious about moving forward right away. In the seller’s eyes, you’ll have the upper hand compared to a buyer who only has a pre-qualified estimate. This can put your offer above the rest.

Additionally, getting pre-approval from a lender helps you navigate your search in a specific price range. You’ll know which homes to focus on and can prioritize those that fit within your budget.

Step 2: Narrow down your options

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Luxury comes in all shapes and sizes. Do you want a condo, a beach home, or a spacious single-family home? Would you rather purchase new construction or an already existing house?

One thing to keep in mind if considering a condominium is that it may come with deed restrictions. This essentially means you will have limits on what you can and can’t do to your home. You also likely have to pay HOA fees for upkeep and maintenance. Factor these costs into your overall budget. The good news, however, is that the goal of the restrictions and fees is to make sure the value of the property and community is protected.

If you are leaning towards new construction, remember that there is room to negotiate. This is when it is extremely helpful to have the expertise of an experience real estate agent on your side, as they will know how to navigate this exchange confidently. A buyer may be tempted to think the price they were quoted is the final say, but this often is not the case.

It is best to have your most important needs and wants figured out as early on as possible so that when it comes to making your final decision, you are ready.

Step 3: Know your neighborhood

If relaxing water views are what you are after, one of the Fort Myers waterfront homes for sale may win you over. Or perhaps you want more of an urban feel, and desire a downtown Naples home for sale. Whichever you are most drawn to, it is important to first get a better idea of what the community will be like so you can be confident in your final choice.

Research the local events going on in the area, the kinds of restaurants you would get to choose from, and most importantly, what the locals are saying about what it is like to live there. The more connected you feel to the neighborhood, the easier it will be to feel at home in your new house. Your Waterfront Lifestyle Group agent has the inside information and will organize tours for properties that best fit your criteria until you find the right one.

Step 4: Hire a home inspector

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Once your offer is accepted on a home in a neighborhood you love, hiring a home inspector is an essential next step. A professional inspector will have a trained eye and know what to look for in terms of damages and potential repair concerns. They will evaluate the roof, electrical wiring, any leak damage, and any other signs of potential problems ahead. It is best to know if there are any issues with the home from the beginning so you can be prepared to ask the seller for repairs, or if you can’t come to terms decide to move on to a better option.

Step 5: Check if you need flood insurance

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According to the Fort Myers/Naples local officials, flood insurance is required if your home is in a Special Flood Hazard Area. To find out if your home is in a moderate or high-risk area, search your address on the FEMA flood map. A map legend is provided below your search results to help you interpret what each color and symbol means.

Homeowners insurance will typically not cover flood damage. It is best to be on the safe side and prepare ahead of time rather than waiting and having to pay out of pocket if a natural disaster were to occur.

Step 6: Check all the boxes and collect your keys

At this point in the process, you are eagerly counting down the days until you can move in. To avoid an extended escrow period, be on top of signing and filling out documents once you have taken the time to go through them thoroughly with your agent. A typical escrow period is 30-60 days, but 30 days will be ideal. Your lender’s timeline will factor into this closing date.

Once all the boxes are checked off on the whole team’s to-do list, you finally get to collect your keys. All that’s left to do is move in and celebrate your new life in your new home. Congratulations!

Work with a local expert

When searching for homes on the Fort Myers real estate scene, it is important to work with an expert in the area who has a broad range of connections to the best properties. If you’re looking for an agent you can count on, contact the Waterfront Lifestyle Group to begin your home-buying process. This team of professionals has the skill set to help you reach success.

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